Remote workspace

Are you ready to enter the world of remote workspace?

If you are a standard white collar corporate employee, your regular day starts with getting ready to go to office and spending the next 7 to 9 hours of your time there. Your ‘normal’ office routine also involves – doing your usual work, setting up your days schedule, going through your project management tool, talking to your colleagues during long or short breaks, attending meetings or other such things.

All this was a simple routine that you would do every day. Then came COVID-19. The epidemic turned everything upside down. Our regular ‘normal’ life is not so normal anymore and now we are already talking about ‘new normal’. Now the white collar workers are forced to work from home on a regular basis, attend meetings through different online meeting platforms from the confinement of their homes.

The mighty Coronavirus has disrupted our lives and have made us rethink the entire structure of the age old systems we used to follow where our corporate work culture was concerned. It will take us months, if not years to reframe our lives back to normalcy, if ever.

With stay-at-home orders everywhere that has been prompted by COVID-19, leaders are facing a number of challenges – from project managers to HRs. A recent research said that almost 71% of the employers are finding it difficult to adapt to this remote work system. Human Resource Departments of different companies are seeking desperate solutions to adjust to this new concept of work from home for most of their employees.

When experts predicted that the year 2020 to be the year of ‘remote work’, no one had ever thought that it will turn out to be the year of experimenting with the concept of ‘remote access working’. During this global crisis, companies are not realizing that what matters is that the work needs to be done, things must continue. The business continuity plan must not get affected. Swanky offices, posh cabins don’t matter anymore. With modern day technology, employees can deliver their work, equally effectively, from their homes and get things done on time.

Obviously there has been humongous pressure and glitches were numerous. But to continue with business as-usual, you must adapt and refocus on the new issues. A recent survey done on over 400 HR managers and other employees has given a distinctive report:

The sudden shift in the way we work has brought forward a number of challenges where remote access work is concerned. Companies need to understand how to tackle them in the grassroots level and ensure they are handled well.

From the company’s point of view few of the biggest concerns were:

However, from the employee’s point of view the challenges were completely different:

So how to fix this entire turmoil and ensure that all employees get a balanced work process? Employees feel that simply providing hardware, internet facilities and other project management tools are not enough. Organizations need to walk that extra mile that the employees are now yearning.

Cited below are few important pointers that companies can use to ensure they manage their employees better:

Communication system

One of the most important aspects of work process is clear, transparent communication on a regular basis between employees. If employees do not communicate with each other it will never result in successful project completions. The next level comes between company and employees. That is also important. 

Employees working from home might often feel disconnected from their companies and here effective communication is imperative. Communication should always be:

  • Both ways
  • Transparent
  • Regular
  • Lucid

The C-level executives might communicate by:

  • Sending out emails every week
  • Sharing videos with concrete messages
  • Hosting webinars
  • Posting articles on company blogs
  • Going LIVE on social networking platforms

This way the employees will feel the company is in touch with them on realtime.

Managers should hold huddle sessions online with concerned project members on a regular basis, talk one-on-one whenever required and host open discussion forums as well. Open communication should be made between leaders and team members on:

  • Business process
  • Decision making
  • Project objectives
  • Company goals
  • Team prospects
  • Team performance

Each employee should be give equal opportunity to communicate regarding any issue they are facing. They should be able to access skip-level meetings through chatbots or telecalls. Sometimes email communication is not the best solution.

Managers should also eradicate any conflicting messages that an employee might get. It might be a rumor on staff lay-offs, reopening of office workspace, or even some local news. Leaders should ensure that their team members are having the correct information all the time.

Project management system

Companies should have in place a proper project management platform where all the projects should be displayed. Concerned employees should be given required access so that there is a continuation of smooth business process. This way they will understand the project requirements as well as the status.

Companies should also insist employees on maintaining digital personal task management tools that will help them balance their work and home chores better and make them more organized. Try our eisedo, a simple online to-do list management platform where you can add your daily tasks and the tool will automatically prioritize your chores as per the timeline set by you.

Staying at home means you need to juggle between personal chores at home and professional work. Instead of creating long task lists, employees can get their own personal to-do list tool and add each day’s work as and when required. They will get on-time reminders of the tasks due and will stay updated accordingly.

Health awareness

An employee’s level of motivation also depends on the state of his physical and mental health. The Coronavirus epidemic has ensured that people give utmost importance to their health. Isolation from community and staying indoors for long periods of time often creates lot of negativity. People have to let go of a number of social activities that they were so attached to or was part of their usual routine.

Companies can create health awareness sessions, therapy sessions or even wellness applications for their employees that they can attend online from their homes. Starbucks had announced therapy sessions for their employees to enhance mental health of their employees.

Employees’ Struggles

When an employee is working from home, he may face a number of challenges from his end:

Organizations can help their employees on many of these issues by providing support in required scenarios. Many companies sent their employees computer tables and push-back chairs to create a workspace for their employees at home. Companies are also trying their best to handle other situations as best they can so that the business workflow is not hampered and employees are also taken well cared for.

As managers, you should ensure that your team members are not feeling isolated from the group, or facing technical glitches. Talk to your team subordinates if you notice regular disturbance at their homes while they are at work or if they are facing work and personal life balance issues.

Sometime back Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO stated that, “Whatever anybody says or does, assume positive intent. You will be amazed at how your whole approach to a person or problem becomes very different.” This simple yet power-packed statement says it all. Employees have complained having regular panic or anxiety attacks, depression, or even self-loathing. Talk to your team mates to sort things out as smoothly as possible. Having a positive approach in this crisis period is what will hold everyone together. Both employers and employees must keep in mind that now remote access work will be the future. Remote leadership, remote teams, remote management and remote employees – these are the terms that we will have to live with now. Are you ready to enter the world of remote workspace? It is not rocket science but it will work out soon.   

Top 8 mobile app development trends to rule in 2021

In the last couple of years, mobile apps have become man’s best buddies and why not? Today, mobile apps are considered as one of the most valuable technological innovation that has transformed the entire dynamic digital world.  87% of users prefer spending time on mobile apps rather than directly on the web browsers.

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic coming into the picture, it has boosted up the level of mobile app developments worldwide. Mobile apps have changed and affected us the way we:

  • Communicate
  • Shop
  • Work

Organizations are now mostly opting for mobile applications that will address their present crisis situations as well as create a strong pathway for the future. However, if your company is an end user for any of the latest apps, then it is imperative for your team to first provide valid and relevant answers to these questions. Will the mobile app development:

  • Open the bottleneck created by your product or service?
  • Help you reach more customers?
  • Be at par with your current product or service?

Over the last few years, especially if we take into consideration 2019 and 2020, there has been a vast upsurge in the mobile development landscape and a lot of changes and advancements have taken place where Artificial Intelligence, IoT, network connectivity are concerned. And as we ended 2020, let us find out the upcoming mobile application trends that will rule the coming year. Mobility today helps you to streamline business processes and reduce costs. Therefore, if you are looking to outsource your mobility service you can avail our services at Secure Info.

Read on to know the top influencers in the upcoming year where mobility is concerned.

1. 5G

The next level of networking technology is knocking at our doors and we can expect 5G to be in and ruling by 2021. 5G technology claims to provide you with 100 times faster speed than 4G network. It will be cheaper and its speed will reach upto 100 Gbps. Experts are of the opinion that 5G network has been specifically designed to enhance apps like AR, VR and 4K video streaming. With 5G in the picture, developers now can easily augment their designs and features that will boost up business performances.

By the mid of year 2020 all the mobile phones that were being manufactured had in-built support system for 5G, for example iPhone 12. It is being estimated that 5G connections will reach approximately 20 million to 100 million users by the end of 2021.

2. Internet of Things

With the growth in the telecom sector, IoT or Internet of Things has developed in leaps and bounds. IoT technology is mainly used for automation related to smartphones, smart televisions, smart watches and so on. You would require IoT if you want to build a smart home – therefore it is essential to use it for mobile apps as well.

Experts have predicted that by 2022 IoT market share will increase in value to 500 billion dollars and this prediction is only for USA. So, mobile tech users should get ready as IoT will take the entire world by storm with its advanced technology. IoT will invade our households and impact us on how we live, how we interact and how we conduct our daily normal lives. Thus in 2021, whenever you will think of smart home automation, think of Internet of Things.

With the rise in the mobile devices, the opportunities for IoT technology have also gone up. Now through mobile apps just sitting at any remote location, you can change the temperature of your living room, lock or unlock doors, control your home’s entire security system or even adjust any electronic gadgets you want to access.

3. Instant Apps

Instant apps were first introduced by Google in 2016 for Android app development arena. This way you can access an app of your choice without downloading it on your mobile. Therefore, your storage space is not significantly used. Instant apps are usually compatible with all Android devices. This technology is mostly used for mobile gaming and e-commerce shopping. It is safe and handy. 2021 will see a vast upsurge in usage of instant apps. More users would prefer using temporary apps rather than permanently downloading them on their system.

4. Artificial Intelligence

A recent report by Gartner showed that usage of Artificial Intelligence has increased by 300% since the year 2018. Experts claim that using AI in mobile apps will increase business growth through user engagement, task automation and improved productivity. With the help of cloud computing, AI will definitely benefit mobile devices as we step into the year 2021. Integrating AI through mobile devices will help in smarter economy and will influence search engines, marketplace, business automation and user behavior.

5. Mobile Wallet

One of the newest innovations in the block, mobile wallet has created a storm in the digital world. These apps are extremely easy and convenient way of paying bills when you are doing any monetary transactions online using your smartphone. There are a number of international apps that are being used regularly by users such as PayPal, GooglePay, Android Pay, Apple Pay and so on. You can either connect them with your bank account or your credit or debit cards. Experts are claiming that your future wallet will be mobile wallets. They forecast that there will be a growth of 36% by the starting of next year in mobile payment app users. Upper middle class residents in countries like China are already using mobile wallet apps for their daily purchases.

6. Cloud- based Mobile Apps

2020 saw a growth in cloud services market by almost 17%. Today, the entire digital ecosystem is revolving around cloud. With Salesforce, Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and OneDrive providing cloud solutions to regular users, cloud computing technology has become a daily requirement. Any cloud based app fetch data from cloud and stores it on the cloud. This is one of the most secure ways you can save your data – on cloud. This way you can use your phone’s internal memory as less as possible.

7. Chatbots

Companies now prefer chatbots-based solutions that involve increased usage of text and voice-based user interaction through mobile apps and software. Chatbots are also ways for apps to respond to voice-based commands like Siri. Companies are also using chatbots to interact with their clients on a regular basis. Gone are the days where companies would prefer mobile calls as part of their CRM system. Chatbots are faster and easier way to attend to customer queries. Developers are instructed to integrate chatbots with mobile apps for different purpose such as customer interaction, customer engagement, troubleshooting and so on. Organizations related to online shopping, online food delivery, online grocery shopping, logistics and so on are regularly using chatbots.

8. Augmented Reality

More and more industries today are using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies – mainly travel, healthcare, retail, education, etc. Mobile apps are integrating AR and VR to improve user experience for these industries. This way they are able to pump up their sales and also improve customer interaction and engagement. With each passing year, developers are enhancing AR technologies. AR and VR also much used in gaming apps.

Closing thoughts

As the world is becoming more and more digitized, mobile apps are getting cosmopolitian. App developers are trying their best to make mobile applications less complicated yet power-packed with latest technologies. This is a constant cycle of brainstorming and ideating for companies and developers together. However, as an end user it is your duty to ensure any app that you opt for is best suiting your requirement.

5 task management tips to look forward in 2021

Did you know, according to experts most of the times 42% of the items in a to-do list are never finished as per their schedule? Almost 91% of professionals fail to complete their daily tasks that have been already planned for the day. Most of the times, when it comes to our daily to-do lists we either over-plan or overburden the list. Not all are good with task management.

When you have a lot of tasks in hand, it can easily get overwhelming. The thought itself can make you feel tired, drained and lethargic. However, your personal responsibilities and your work obligations are important, even though it can stress you out. In the process of juggling both, you might keep missing out of something important or forget doing some work. The only solution is to handle task management skillfully.

Task management is important as it helps you stay productive and organized. With planning and self-discipline things can be kept under control. With proper task management, it will also help you to:

  • Set your work priorities
  • Delegate work effectively
  • Ensure tasks are completed on time

Therefore, if you want to ensure that your tasks are finished on time and you are organized, here are few tips to help you sail through the coming year:

1. Download a task management app

People no longer use sticky notes for their daily to-dos. Gone are those days. The entire world is going digital and that is what you should do too. There are hundreds of to-do list apps available. Choose the one that suits your requirements best. Listed below are few of the mostly downloaded ones by users:

  • Todoist
  • eisedo
  • TickTick
  • Google Keep

Choose a task management app that lets you prioritize your tasks as per the timelines set by you. There are many available online. One of the most user-friendly and agile tools available today is eisedo. This app will help you become more organized, punctual and productive. Task management will no longer be an issue. With eisedo you can handle your tasks effectively and become far more efficient, organized and productive.

2. List tasks that you know you can finish

Over-planning will not get you anywhere. If you list down 50 tasks in your daily to-do list, you will surely fail to do even half of it. So please be realistic. Take 10 tasks at a time that needs your most attention for the day and list them down. Choose a mixed bag of easy and tough ones. Remember, the sole purpose is not to overwhelm you. It should relax you down.

3. Delegate some tasks

You cannot do everything yourself. There might be few things that can be done by someone else. May be you might assist but let the other person handle it. For example, if the backyard lawn needs mowing, and you know your partner can do it equally well, it is better let him or her handle it for the day. You can do other tasks that need your attention. Similarly, in the professional front, if a task in a particular projects needs some involvement from a colleague, then it is better you rope him in and get it done together.

4. Make multiple projects

Segregate your tasks. Make a slot for:

  • Daily tasks
  • Weekly tasks
  • Monthly tasks
  • High-impact tasks

The moment you categorize each task under different sections, it will be much easier for you to accomplish the goals.

5. Use Eisenhower Matrix

 Dwight David Eisenhower’s principles were used to create the Eisenhower Matrix that is till date used for effective task management. According to him, more time is wasted in deciding what to do rather than actually doing it.

You can make a list of work and assign the mentioned tags to each task. This is different from any to-do list. It is a matrix which helps you decide what to do now, in the present or in the next moment of time. Each box is known as the Eisenhower box.

What you feel is very important and needs your urgent concern, should be kept in the top left corner. You have to do it at your first priority. Then if the work is important and you think it is not urgent then you can keep it in the blue box. You must choose an action for these two boxes. The tasks that are kept in first quadrant, must be done immediately.

Moreover, if the task is not important but should be done urgently, then choose a person who can do it for you, as this is not urgent and might drive down your energy that is needed to be concentrated for the urgent tasks in the green box. However, if there are tasks which are not urgent and are not important either then you can delete them so that you can save your energy and time for rest.

eisedo task management app has been developed inspired from Eisenhower Matrix. It is based on its four quadrants. It also sends you timely notifications so that you stay updated. eisedo comes in both free and premium versions and are available as a web login as well.

How COVID-19 is deciding our digital future

The mighty Coronavirus has disrupted our lives and have made us rethink the entire structure of the age old systems we used to follow – be it school, work, entertainment or even our normal daily lives. It will take us months, if not years to reframe our lives back to normalcy. With tech-hubs being in the epicenter that’s mostly affected, other industries have also faced a drastic situation.

Since we do not have proper methods to control the spread of this contagious virus, we can adopt a certain measure to strengthen the economy. Most industries are significantly affected, while some are totally cut off.  

The social media is even circulating memes such as:

Who is the main stimulant in digital transformation in your company”?

  • CEO
  • CTO
  • COVID-19

It might sound funny, but this is the blatant fact staring right back in our faces. Almost 70% of the companies have had digital transformation after the pandemic came into the picture. Now, to get back to the new normal, more and more people are resorting to digital tools since there is a limitation on travels, schools being closed and group gatherings being avoided.

Out of all the industries facing digital transformation, few of the most are:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Ecommerce
  • Event management

Companies are now rethinking their business models to adapt to this current scenario and fast track their digital transformation to be at par with the competition worldwide. It is imperative to stay afloat without going overboard on the digital front and maintain equilibrium.

Surge in digital education

The pandemic has taken up the education system by a storm. With educational institutions, be it schools, colleges or any learning centers, being shut indefinitely, digital education has come into the picture almost immediately. Applications like Zoom, Google, Comcast, RingCentral have changed the existing infrastructure of the classroom learning. With remote control management, students can easily attend classes and evaluate their progress.

Now more and more schools, universities and other learning institutions are taking up virtual learning system. With campuses being closed to contain the spread of the virus, online learning and online tests are the options that educational units now prefer. Educators are slowly adapting to the concept of digital learning along with their pupils. The transition from classroom training to digital education is certainly difficult and unplanned but now both the peers are well-prepared.

Healthcare management going digital

Modern technology has changed the entire face of the healthcare system. With the introduction of blockchain technology, managing huge amounts of data are comparably easy. A Healthcare tracker has been an essential tool to predict or analyze the upcoming situation. Countries throughout the world are gearing up to fetch several ways to coordinate with health workers. Information technology has inevitably helped the healthcare industry to adopt smart technology.

The concept of telemedicine is now much in vogue with the outbreak of COVID-19. Telemedicine is definitely limiting human-to-human contact thereby discontinuing the transmission of contamination.

Virtual events

With the spread of pandemic, large gatherings in an event such as conferences, tradeshows, concerts or even parties have been banned. In response to this situation, event management companies are using digital technology to host online events virtually. One of the biggest advantages is, it is so widespread that it can reach anyone far and near. Geographical location no longer matters. You can attend a music concert sitting right from the comfort of your home, without the hassle of travelling. For example, Google Cloud Next ’20 became Digital Connect and hosted a 3-day virtual event on-Air.

Companies are now trying to build gaps created by lack of conferences – that being a trillion dollar industry. Such platforms are one of the best grounds to exchange ideas and build relations professionally. With the help of videos, online apps such as Google Meet and Zoom, and other virtual tools, companies are reorganizing events online. However, this entire concept has led to a number of innovative ideas for the digital future.

Managing Ecommerce industry

With the advent of the worldwide pandemic, the eCommerce industry is one of them that has been going through a deliberate surge. On the other hand, these increasing demands have thrown great challenges to manage and control the system. With the proper ERP solution, the management team can take advantage of an organized way of handling and managing sales structures.

Remote Access in Workplace

Along with educational sector, COVID-19 has also affected the basic concept of work culture and turned it completely upside down. Till last year the companies that had resisted the idea of work-from-home, even they had to resort to remote access working as precautionary measures. Technology has allowed remote work to become a commonplace. Today, video conferencing helps staff to see and chat with each other in real time, anywhere with an internet connection. Remote work has become the in-thing today where your physical location no longer matter. Many companies have also scrapped conventional offices and now operate their firms out of co-working spaces to satisfy their increasingly remote employees. The number of remote employees has risen dramatically in recent years.

There are numerous strategies that business owners and project managers are using to set measurable targets for their remote teams to achieve the results they are aiming for in terms of business growth and development. They are also opting for online project management tools. One of the most user-friendly and agile tools available today is eisedo to do list. This app helps in:

  • prioritizing your tasks
  • setting timelines
  • getting notifications and reminders on time
  • creating and maintaining sub-projects and sub-tasks
  • tracking and measuring performances
  • assessing the deliveries

eisedo will help you become more organized, punctual and productive. Task management will no longer be an issue. With eisedo you can handle your tasks effectively and become far more efficient, organized and productive.

Remote control in various industries

It was beyond our logical thinking to acquire a remote control work environment. We have seen IT sectors to give their employees the space to work from home. However, in terms of manufacturing and other industry types, it is not achievable. With applications like TeamViewer, the management team share and control the activities of other employees.

Other than IT, other industries taking up digital transformation are:

  • Supply chain
  • Logistics
  • Data Science
  • Finance & Banking
  • Media

No one can imagine that digitization has so much power. Many companies significantly depend on electronic media. The lockdown phase has taught us how to utilize every single aspect of digitization to reach more customers. Interestingly, the outcome is far greater than it used to be.  

Top 5 Project Management Trends in 2021

Project management software can boost your team’s productivity and leverage a better work environment. It is a great way to pace your workflow with scalable output. Professionals nowadays are increasingly using artificial intelligence integrated software to handle dynamic digital transformations. It is a booming technology to manage your project effectively. The competition is extremely high among the developers to upgrade the latest version of project management tools.

The global pandemic has changed the entire market significantly. Some industries have encountered massive growth, while some have gone through tough challenges. This condition has made the need for project management tools indispensable. Nowadays, most of the workforce is working remotely; thus, it is challenging for many companies to track the records and coordinate among the employees.

Project management today

Project management today typically refers to the application of processes, skills, methods, experience, and knowledge to accomplish precise project objectives. It also involves accepting the given parameters and maintaining the required guidelines for a particular project.

It is both science and art to organize all the components of a particular project. For instance, launching services, promoting and marketing the brand, or developing a new project is all about project management. Professionals acquire a systematic management process, and with the aid of automated platforms, project management becomes more efficient.

Why do you need project management tools?

With project management tools, one can configure multiple levels of work structure with greater efficiency. It can also track long-term and short-term deadlines and plan future actions accordingly. With an organized planning process, one can deliver the project with the best possible outcome within the deadlines. Project management tools can estimate and monitor work progress and structure the work environment adopting agile methods.

One of the most user-friendly and agile tools available today is eisedo. This task management tool will help you to become more organized, punctual and productive. Task management will no longer be an issue. With eisedo you can handle your tasks effectively and become far more efficient, organized and productive.

The pandemic situation demands a better work environment. Moreover, trending project management software speeds up your workflow significantly. Let us have a look at the most coveted project management trends of 2021.

  1. Remote Project managers and virtual teams

42% of the total workforce is presently working from home. It is considered to be a great initiative to fight against the global pandemic. If one approaches this working environment positively, they can take full advantage of the scenarios. While you can save a good amount of expenditure from your office space, you can utilize the saved capital to allocate better coordination. It is undoubtedly a cost-effective solution.

Without site inspection of physical presence, the manager can control and manage the activities of employees. However, another facet of this situation is some production activities need local management because many companies have several franchises in different countries. The presence of a project manager is vital. Therefore organizations should increase remote project managers as well

2. Decentralized project management

It is an organizational structure to operate and make decisions on a day-to-day basis. The responsibilities are not taken solely by a singular management team; rather, the whole process is sub-divided into capable and delegated team members. It also frees up the shackles of top management and focuses on other major business decision. 

3. Organizational collaboration

Communication is the key to any collaborative program. Soft skills like emotional intelligence, negotiation, and communication are significantly providing added value to the business. It can intensify the importance of companies and allocate project managers accordingly. It refers to more accountability for your team. Your projects can run smoothly, and the team gets the right direction to approach any issue. To initiate solid collaboration, 51% of total business counts utilize tools like SharePoint, Confluence, MS Teams, etc.

If you are looking for handling functions over multiple locations and planning to opt for cloud computing and infrastructure, Secure Info offers you agile cloud solutions.

4. In-depth focus on data

Big data and data science will take a front seat in 2021. This means companies need toestablish projects more strategically with the right data. Study of customer data and customer behavior using technology like Artificial Intelligence will be more in vogue. It also means internal stakeholders to get direct business insights and comprehending data. Data scientists can extract and communicate vivid insight from structured data. It is extremely necessary to stay updated with trending tools for data visualization and organize reports like Google Data Studio, Tableau, and Power BI. It can efficiently gauge risk management and process better outcomes.

5. Agile Approach

It is the latest technology approach to sustain in the competitive dynamic world. In contrast to the waterfall approach, it is directional. Nowadays, it is sincerely followed by many software developers. It supports a cloud based service with plenty of benefits that make a critical project manageable. The agile approach assists the developers, scrum masters, and testers in achieving a greater outcome. This interactive method focuses on constant release and incorporating customer feedback. This software solution can evolve through a tie-up between self-organizing and cross-functional teams.

Bottom line

Take up the previous technology or contact any software development company to get a precise solution for your organization. Use a better project management tool that will enhance your team projects.

5 ways digital technology is transforming our lives today

If we stop for a minute to look around ourselves today, you will realize how digital technology has taken over our lives. Few of the remarkable resources have been created by technology and they have enhanced our daily living. Even though many of us have become addicted to digital technology, but there is no denying that it has benefitted us in many ways than we can count.

As we traverse through the final quarter of 2020, you will notice a few distinctive changes that have impacted companies, teams, work culture and its approach. Times are drastically changing. It is imperative that you must stay at par with the changing times and self-adjust yourself. Most importantly, are you ready for the changes? And how are you adapting the changes?

The biggest transformation has taken place in the field of:

  • Technology
  • Social life
  • Business environment

In the time of fast transforming dynamic digital age, every other day a new app, a new software or a new digital tool is being launched. The technology quotient is taking more and more front seat. Companies are giving more importance to an employee’s ability to adapt and handle technology as per the organization’s requirement. For example, if AI is the new kid in the block, how soon will you be able to use it and integrate it in your daily work process? That is what the companies are looking for.

Today, we are depending on technology for almost everything in our daily lives – personally and professionally. In the current Information Age we cannot deny that things around us are mostly technology dependent and sometimes dominated and it has both good facets and bad as well.

Discussed below are the top 5 ways digital technology has brought in a huge wave change in our lives:

Cloud Computing

The concept of cloud computing has taken over the world by its own digital storm. Now you can store any data and information securely on cloud. Once you store the application or data on cloud you can access them through your own specific entry key from any location worldwide. Cloud computing has been offering businesses scalable computing resources that helps companies save time, money and maintenance of resources. Cloud computing is extremely secure and creates hosts of opportunities.

Considered as one of the most flamboyant technological innovation, cloud computing has increased agility and accessibility in the software and hardware development front. Moreover, when it comes to disaster and risk management, cloud computing has been the true savior since its implementation. Highly flexible, efficient and safe, cloud computing helps companies cope with issues dealing with big data, cyber-security and quality control.

If you are looking for handling functions over multiple locations and planning to opt for cloud computing and infrastructure, Secure Info offers you agile cloud solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Since 2019, AI has taken a prominent seat. Now companies are using AI automation to optimize projects, reducing project risks and enhancing tasks. Therefore, it is always imperative to use technology that benefits your team and pumps up your technology quotient.

If said in one simple sentence, your browsers and websites know you better than any other person because of AI. With the help of algorithms built in a dynamic computing setting, AI imitates human intelligence that makes computers think like humans.  

The amount of data that is generated everyday worldwide is not possible for any human mind to handle and maintain, let alone interpret and absorb. AI thinks and acts like human intelligence, and helps in complex decision making that a human mind will not be able to do otherwise.

Therefore, whether it is fraud detection or virtual customer care support, AI is handling it all end-to-end. It now helps in maintaining regular chatbots, machine-learning computing systems and voice recognition human interaction.

Get a highly effective intelligence and analytics software from Secure Info and give wings to your organization.

Data Science

One of the simplest examples of usage of data science in our daily lives is GPS for traffic commuting. Applications like Google Maps use data science to track traffic routes and suggest you route changes based on the data available. Companies like FedEx, DHL use data science technologies to enhance their logistics and navigation. This helps them immensely to increase operational efficiency.

Whether it is listening to your favorite song on your music streaming app like Spotify or watching a web series on streaming app like Netflix – data science helps to curate and customize customer data as per your browsing behavior. This also enhances viewing habits and customer data. Even the satellites deployed with weather sensors collate enormous amount of data that is used to comprehend and predict weather conditions. Data science technology is massively used for weather forecasting, tracking natural disasters and global warming.   

Today data science has tapped almost all industries including entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, finance, logistics, gaming and so on.

Work Management

Technology has allowed remote work to become a commonplace. Today, video conferencing helps staff to see and chat with each other in real time, anywhere with an internet connection. Remote work has become the in-thing today where your physical location no longer matter. Many companies have also scrapped conventional offices and now operate their firms out of co-working spaces to satisfy their increasingly remote employees. The number of remote employees has risen dramatically in recent years.

There are numerous strategies that business owners and project managers are using to set measurable targets for their remote teams to achieve the results they are aiming for in terms of business growth and development. They are also opting for online project management tools. One of the most user-friendly and agile tools available today is eisedo. This app helps in:

  • prioritizing your tasks
  • setting timelines
  • getting notifications and reminders on time
  • creating and maintaining sub-projects and sub-tasks
  • tracking and measuring performances
  • assessing the deliveries

eisedo to do list will help you become more organized, punctual and productive. Task management will no longer be an issue. With eisedo you can handle your tasks effectively and become far more efficient, organized and productive.

Mobile App

With the craze of smartphones becoming a household thing, technology has taken a new leap. We are now glued to our phones and use it for almost everything. Whether it is ordering food online, gaming, checking your heart rate or even setting a simple reminder to drink water – everything is now app based. You can even book your next appointment with your doctor using an app.

Mobile apps have taken over almost everything. Now you have apps for:

  • Social networking
  • Communication
  • Online shopping
  • Food delivery
  • Logistics
  • Flights & hotels booking
  • Commuting
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment

The list is endless but these are few top ranking sectors. Most mobile apps do make our lives much easier. So now, if you have missed out on any of the episodes of your favorite daily soap, all you need to do is watch it on the streaming app. If you are single and looking for a partner in matrimony, download a matrimonial app of your choice. Now you can even transfer funds online using mobile banking apps. As long as technology is not turning you into lazybones or getting you addicted, it is fine to make most use of what the digital world is offering. Technology will continue to change us as we keep changing technology. It is a simple cycle of adapting one another. As long as it is not hampering our lives, we must make the most use of it.