How COVID-19 is deciding our digital future

The mighty Coronavirus has disrupted our lives and have made us rethink the entire structure of the age old systems we used to follow – be it school, work, entertainment or even our normal daily lives. It will take us months, if not years to reframe our lives back to normalcy. With tech-hubs being in the epicenter that’s mostly affected, other industries have also faced a drastic situation.

Since we do not have proper methods to control the spread of this contagious virus, we can adopt a certain measure to strengthen the economy. Most industries are significantly affected, while some are totally cut off.  

The social media is even circulating memes such as:

Who is the main stimulant in digital transformation in your company”?

  • CEO
  • CTO
  • COVID-19

It might sound funny, but this is the blatant fact staring right back in our faces. Almost 70% of the companies have had digital transformation after the pandemic came into the picture. Now, to get back to the new normal, more and more people are resorting to digital tools since there is a limitation on travels, schools being closed and group gatherings being avoided.

Out of all the industries facing digital transformation, few of the most are:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Ecommerce
  • Event management

Companies are now rethinking their business models to adapt to this current scenario and fast track their digital transformation to be at par with the competition worldwide. It is imperative to stay afloat without going overboard on the digital front and maintain equilibrium.

Surge in digital education

The pandemic has taken up the education system by a storm. With educational institutions, be it schools, colleges or any learning centers, being shut indefinitely, digital education has come into the picture almost immediately. Applications like Zoom, Google, Comcast, RingCentral have changed the existing infrastructure of the classroom learning. With remote control management, students can easily attend classes and evaluate their progress.

Now more and more schools, universities and other learning institutions are taking up virtual learning system. With campuses being closed to contain the spread of the virus, online learning and online tests are the options that educational units now prefer. Educators are slowly adapting to the concept of digital learning along with their pupils. The transition from classroom training to digital education is certainly difficult and unplanned but now both the peers are well-prepared.

Healthcare management going digital

Modern technology has changed the entire face of the healthcare system. With the introduction of blockchain technology, managing huge amounts of data are comparably easy. A Healthcare tracker has been an essential tool to predict or analyze the upcoming situation. Countries throughout the world are gearing up to fetch several ways to coordinate with health workers. Information technology has inevitably helped the healthcare industry to adopt smart technology.

The concept of telemedicine is now much in vogue with the outbreak of COVID-19. Telemedicine is definitely limiting human-to-human contact thereby discontinuing the transmission of contamination.

Virtual events

With the spread of pandemic, large gatherings in an event such as conferences, tradeshows, concerts or even parties have been banned. In response to this situation, event management companies are using digital technology to host online events virtually. One of the biggest advantages is, it is so widespread that it can reach anyone far and near. Geographical location no longer matters. You can attend a music concert sitting right from the comfort of your home, without the hassle of travelling. For example, Google Cloud Next ’20 became Digital Connect and hosted a 3-day virtual event on-Air.

Companies are now trying to build gaps created by lack of conferences – that being a trillion dollar industry. Such platforms are one of the best grounds to exchange ideas and build relations professionally. With the help of videos, online apps such as Google Meet and Zoom, and other virtual tools, companies are reorganizing events online. However, this entire concept has led to a number of innovative ideas for the digital future.

Managing Ecommerce industry

With the advent of the worldwide pandemic, the eCommerce industry is one of them that has been going through a deliberate surge. On the other hand, these increasing demands have thrown great challenges to manage and control the system. With the proper ERP solution, the management team can take advantage of an organized way of handling and managing sales structures.

Remote Access in Workplace

Along with educational sector, COVID-19 has also affected the basic concept of work culture and turned it completely upside down. Till last year the companies that had resisted the idea of work-from-home, even they had to resort to remote access working as precautionary measures. Technology has allowed remote work to become a commonplace. Today, video conferencing helps staff to see and chat with each other in real time, anywhere with an internet connection. Remote work has become the in-thing today where your physical location no longer matter. Many companies have also scrapped conventional offices and now operate their firms out of co-working spaces to satisfy their increasingly remote employees. The number of remote employees has risen dramatically in recent years.

There are numerous strategies that business owners and project managers are using to set measurable targets for their remote teams to achieve the results they are aiming for in terms of business growth and development. They are also opting for online project management tools. One of the most user-friendly and agile tools available today is eisedo to do list. This app helps in:

  • prioritizing your tasks
  • setting timelines
  • getting notifications and reminders on time
  • creating and maintaining sub-projects and sub-tasks
  • tracking and measuring performances
  • assessing the deliveries

eisedo will help you become more organized, punctual and productive. Task management will no longer be an issue. With eisedo you can handle your tasks effectively and become far more efficient, organized and productive.

Remote control in various industries

It was beyond our logical thinking to acquire a remote control work environment. We have seen IT sectors to give their employees the space to work from home. However, in terms of manufacturing and other industry types, it is not achievable. With applications like TeamViewer, the management team share and control the activities of other employees.

Other than IT, other industries taking up digital transformation are:

  • Supply chain
  • Logistics
  • Data Science
  • Finance & Banking
  • Media

No one can imagine that digitization has so much power. Many companies significantly depend on electronic media. The lockdown phase has taught us how to utilize every single aspect of digitization to reach more customers. Interestingly, the outcome is far greater than it used to be.