Software Testing & QA

When the day to day affairs of an organization is strictly dependent upon any software then it becomes imperative to have a team take care and maintain it. There are some common concerns of business while using any software, such as, ongoing development, glitches and bugs in the software, hiring test engineers within the budget or excess time taken for quality assurance. Therefore, such organizations need the service of a quality assurance and software testing that reduces the burden of the organizations.

As quality testing and assurance service provider Secure Info considers the challenges faced by organizations and provides solutions accordingly. We perform automated and manual testing of the software, website and the apps. We also do governance, risk and compliance assessment. Finally we perform pre quality assurance audit and do process assessment.

What we offer

Functional testing

This testing deals with the functionality of the applications and its relationship with the users. It covers other essentials aspects also such as accessibility, basic usability, integration testing, etc.

Automated testing

It deals in providing organizations with comprehensive automated solutions, rapid testing of software for accurate results and automation testing such as, mobile testing, regression testing and functional testing.

Security testing

It focuses on testing the software against defined specifications and meeting the end-user expectations while ensuring security of data and information.

Performance testing

We check and track the performance of software and measure down reliability of any defect beforehand to avoid issues later on. This testing ensures seamless performance of applications and software.

Accessibility testing

It ensures that the software is fully accessible to all the types of users therefore visual testing, auditory testing and cognitive testing are its part.

Mobility testing

Such services ensure that the applications look and perform seamlessly across various mobile devices and screen resolutions.